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    A Curva Dourada

    This is our first wine, jokingly named after the bend in the Heerengracht in Amsterdam and the bend in the Miño where our vineyard A Cova is located. This wine shows what the Ribeira Sacra is all about: terroir wines from steep granite soils, filled with full tones of fruit and finesse that remind you of minerals and the different seasons. The grapes from Mencia and Garnacha Tintoreiro (Alicante Bouschet) are hand-picked and selected, fermented in stainless steel and aged for 10 months in French oak of 2 and 3 years old (228ltr). The result is a phenomenal ruby ​​purple wine with red fruit in the nose, full black fruit, light notes of undergrowth and an earthy edge. The taste is broad, elegant and harmonious. The pour advice is 16-18 C°. Good aeration or decanting is recommended until the end of 2022. The lay-up potential is certainly 5 to 10 years.

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    This wine is named after Amadeo and Olga from whom we were able to take over a plot at Bexan. This wine mainly shows what is also possible in the Ribeira Sacra. For the region, the Amadeo is a fairly rich wine, not very unusual, but the wines are on average somewhat thinner and the alc. quality much lower. The grapes come from the west-facing slopes of the Miño near Bexan and the east-facing slope of the picturesque valley of the Cabe near the town of O Cotillón. The grapes are picked and selected by hand. They were then fermented in stainless steel and aged +/- 8 months in French oak; 1 new untoasted barrel of 228 liters and a 3 year old barrel of 500 liters. In the nose it is red and black, well ripe and sultry, the untoasted wood provides a subtle spicy touch. The taste is powerful and rich, yet fresh, with considerable length. Serve well aerated, at least until the end of 2022, the storage potential is at least 5 to 10 years.

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    From the banks of the Sil , Miño and the Cabe , from which the wine also takes its name: (Am)andi, (Mi)no and the (Ca)be, Ammica, roughly translated also “Friend”. Ruby red with a purple touch, with scents of blackcurrant and raspberry. And with fresh and lively tannins, which give this young wine the necessary length, for a delicious combination with the BBQ. Coming from sticks up to 80 years old, destemmed and temperature-controlled fermented on stainless steel. The first year, serving from a carafe is recommended for this wine from Mencia (85%) and Alicante Bouschet (15%), slightly cooling is possible. Drink window is certain until 2026.

    Detrás De Porte Verde

    Detrás De Porta Verde, which means behind the green door in Galician, which is also the physical gateway to this vineyard. This vineyard belongs to Fabien, where we did the maintenance in our first year. The wine itself tells that it comes from the slate soils of the banks of the Sil from Amandi. Ruby red with a touch of blue purple, clean but not overly bright. In the nose black fruit with an earthy edge, elegantly complex and fresh. From Mencia 90% and Alicante Bouschet 10% de-stemmed and fermented with the natural yeasts from the vineyard in open wooden barrels, temperature controlled by the barrel, aged for 7 months on old French wood, unfiltered, unstabilised. Serve 16 to 18 degrees C until 2026.


    Carmen, named after our friend from O Cotillón, Meaning of the name include Gold, sweet, orchard (source, google). This wine from all our locations, mainly Jerez 90% (palomino fino) and some local varieties, is full and intense in color and clear, on the palate it is full and the wine is reminiscent of minerals. The taste of the wine is not very complex, but it does honor the origin. Where in the post Phylloxera time mainly Jerez was planted for white, from sticks up to 50 years old, destemmed, with a skin contact of 12 hours, cooled fermentation on stainless steel, and matured on old French wood, battoned, and filtered very gently. Edition of 303 bottles. Serve at about 8 degrees Celsius until 3 years after bottling.

    About us

    The Os Troncos are Trevor, Matthijs, Warrick, Rob, Martijn and Ramon. Pilot/registered viticulturist, beverage importer, asset manager, lawyer, project developer and chief engineer. A beautiful couple together. Wine lovers in the broadest sense and bon vivants. We share the passion for Galicia; the breathtaking region of northwestern Spain. We are captivated by the beautiful green landscape, the honest and pure kitchen without fuss, the friendly, hospitable and modest people, but especially by the mythical wines from Galicia's best kept secret; the Ribeira Sacra wine region.

    Our vineyards

    Os Troncos has three vineyards. A Cova on the steep slopes in the bend in the Miño where a microclimate prevails that makes the grapes here the first to ripen in the entire region, every year. Bexan on the west-facing left bank of the Miño, which winds its way through the spectacular landscape of the Ribeira Sacra in the interior of Galicia. And O Cotillón on the east-facing river bank of the picturesque Cabe, which flows into the Sil.

    • A Cova

      A Cova
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