Carmen - 2021

Carmen, named nasty our female friend from O Cotillon , Meaning of name ao Gold , sweet , orchard ( source , google). This one wine from all our locations , mainly Jerez 90% (palomino fino) and some local varietal , is full and intense in color and clear , in the mouth it is full and makes the wine at minerals thinking . In the taste is the wine not all complicated , but is doing well a lot honour at the origin . Where in the post Phylloxera time especially Jerez has been planted in front of white , of sticks up to 50 years , destemmed , with a peel contact of 12 hours , refrigerated fermented on stainless steel , and matured on old French wood , battoned , and whole soft filtered . Edition of 300 bottles . Serve at about 8 degrees Celsius until 3 years after bottling.